Evo  7.3.0-TM22122701
Evo LPR Engine
Features and Requirements

Typpical features and minimum requirements of Evo LPR Engine are as the followings.

  • Cross platform supported (Windows, Linux)
  • Various input sources supported
  • Deep Learning based
  • Parallel Processing supported
  • Multiple detections on single image supported
  • Recognition of license plate type supported
  • Multiple countries supported
  • H/W CODEC for compressed video supported
  • Correction of fisheye lens distortion supported.
  • IP and GenICam cameras supported
  • OpenGL based live view supported
  • Software
    • Windows Platform
      • Only 64Bit supported
      • Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and higher
      • For C/C++, Visual Studio 2015 and higher
      • For C#, .Net Framework 4.7.2 and higher
      • For Python, 3.7 and higher
      • For Intel GPUs, Intel's Processor Graphics Drivers
    • Linux Platform
      • Only 64Bit supported
      • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
      • For C/C++, GCC 7.5
      • For Python, 3.7 and higher
      • For Intel GPUs, Intel's Graphics Compute Runtime
      • For H/W CODEC, Kernel 4.14 and higher (5.4 and higher recommended)
  • Hardware
    • CPU Processors
      • 6th and higher generation Intel Core processors
      • Intel Xeon Scalable processors
      • Intel Pentium processor N4200/5, N3350/5, N3450/5 with Intel HD Graphics
      • Intel Atom processor with Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2 (Intel SSE4.2)
    • Integrated Graphics
      • Intel HD Graphics
      • Intel UHD Graphics
      • Intel Iris Pro Graphics
      • Intel Iris Xe Graphics
      • Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics
    • Discrete Graphics
      • Intel Arc GPU
    • H/W CODEC
      • Intel Integrated or Discrete Graphics
    • Memory
      • Minimum 1.5 GB main memory for private usage
  • Input Image & Video
    • At least 1280x720 by the pixel (Recommend the max size is less than or equal to 1920x1080 by the pixel)
    • HTTP and RTSP streamings with H264, H265 and MJPEG coded
    • Streaming from GenICam compatable cameras
In case of Windows, strongly recommend 'Windows 11' for Intel's 12th Gen and higher Core processors with Hybrid-Architecture.
Because all the processors above don't have the iGPU or board chipsets could disable it, make sure of processor specifications and check the chipset manuals.
Several external software packages could be required for the engine to be run normally. For details, refer to SDK Installations.